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Friday, November 17, 2017

November 13, 2107 - Spirit Works Distillery and Georgos Wines, Giving Back

Following the horrific Napa and Sonoma fires, Slow Living Radio welcomes guest to our show who are giving back to the community to help rebuild.  Georgos Wine also lost some of their vineyards, so tell the story of rebuilding.  

Ashby Marshall

Like their unique Sloe Gin, husband and wife team, Timo and Ashby Marshall bring a combination of traditional British legacy and innovative West Coast style to Spirit Works Distillery.

Timo comes from a small village in the southwest of England called Thurlstone. This is where his family has been refining their sloe gin recipe for generations. While they didn’t make their own gin from grain to glass, they did employ the traditional method of steeping sloe berries in gin, picked along the coastal hills. Ashby, on the other hand, is West Coast bred and has a deep passion and impressive palate for whiskey and it’s intricacies. She is thrilled to be the first (in fact only, male or female) female distiller in her family.

Together, Timo and Ashby have spent years working together in a variety of fields including fast boat driving, IRATA climbing, and as sailing instructors. So it is with this clear path to distillation that you will find them here at the distillery working side by side working the still, offering distillery tours, cleaning tanks, running the business, training puppies, and creating the best California Distillery tasting room possible. All with their incredible small staff of dedicated, passionate, mostly female producers of Vodka, Gin, Sloe Gin, Barrel Gin, Straight Wheat Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey made batch by batch, grain to glass.


Georgos Zanganas

Crafting (nu) Greek wines in Sonoma, CA - #GreekWineRedefined

 After moving to San Francisco to work as an engineer, Georg√≥s Zanganas experienced that, for him, a glass of wine was an invitation to a roaring headache. Back home, he never experienced these symptoms from Greek wine. Greek wine generally has lower alcohol, and he believed that this was why it produce fewer headaches for him. While he could easily find other Greek products (yogurt, olive oil, etc.), he could not find Greek wines at local retail stores and restaurants, so he decided to import the highest quality fruit from Greece to make wines suitable for the American palate: fruit forward, soft tannins, and clean tasting.

All of their grapes are NON-GMO,and blended, finished and bottled with reduced sulfites in Sonoma Valley. 

 According to Georgos, “The Greek yogurt that America has come to love, is made in New York, and the best Greek Wines are made in Sonoma.”

 The winery supports UCSF and the Alcohol and Addiction Research Group. See details and how to contribute: 

You can find Georgos Premium Greek Wines at Wholefoods or directly at

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