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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/30 - San Francisco's "Architecture and the City Festival"

September 1-30  | San Francisco  |

The American Institute of Architects, San Francisco chapter (AIA San Francisco) and Center for Architecture + Design present the eighth annual Architecture and the City festival, the nation’s largest architectural festival showcasing tours, films, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and more. With the inclusion of over forty programs and special events, Architecture and the City will provide many opportunities to view and rediscover the city from a different perspective. The San Francisco Living: Home Tours weekend, which returns September 17-18, gives participants an exclusive look into some of the city's latest residential projects from the inside out. Take in films that spotlight the built environment, the architectural profession and cutting-edge design or attend lectures by renowned architects and designers. Behind the scenes tours, including sailing tours along San Francisco's changing waterfront and food and design tours of some of the city's hottest restaurants will also be a part of the program.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. ” --R. Buckminster Fuller

The 2011 festival theme is “Architecture of Consequence.”
By selecting this theme, the festival hopes to demonstrate how progressive design and creative problem solving can address society’s current challenges and lead to a more sustainable future.


Cass Calder Smith established the architectural firm that bears his name in 1990. Born in 1961, Smith earned his Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. A native of New York City, he has lived in California since 1972 and now splits his time between both coasts. As the son of an Academy-Award winning filmmaker and a California landscape painter and designer, his early years were influenced by both Greenwich Village intellectuals and rural California artisans.

Smith is recognized internationally for his architectural and interior design projects. Firmly based in the modernist idiom, Smith draws inspiration from history’s great architects and cities as well as the epic filmmakers of the last century. Bold imagery and intricate detail are characteristic of his designs balanced with experience and common sense.

Smith and his work have won numerous awards and have been recognized in The New York Times, Metropolitan Home, Metropolis, Dwell, Interior Design and Abitare, among others.

Boor Bridges Architecture

Bonnie Bridges is the Founding Principal of Boor Bridges Architecture, an architecture and design firm in San Francisco known for their collaborative design style that they have coined Humanistic Modernism.

Early in her career Bonnie spent time in and around Arizona’s Sonoran desert, imprinting within her a core experience of light and space that continues to ground her work in site-specificity and material simplicity. Her graduate and doctoral research into the relationship between being and building, and her knowledge of contemporary architectural theory, bring an awareness of place and purpose to the design process.

Bonnie is actively involved in the civic realm and the greater architectural community, currently serving on the AIA California Council Board of Directors. She has taught at CCA, UC Berkeley and UT Austin. Prior to partnering with Seth, Bonnie managed her own practice, preceded by work for award-winning firms in California and Arizona. She earned her Doctor of Design from Harvard GSD, her Masters of Architecture with honors from UT Austin, and her BA from the University of Arizona.

When ‘off the clock’, Bonnie can be found gardening, playing music, cooking or exploring the outdoors with her husband and twin daughters.

atelier KS

atelier KS is a San Francisco based design studio founded by husband-wife team Seth Pare-Mayer and Kelli Franz. 'Atelier' translates to 'workshop' in French, which is how we operate our studio - in a perpetual state of exploration.

Specializing in a range of projects both residential and commercial, we aim to balance practical solutions with innovative modern designs. Continuous collaboration with our clients and project team guides our process, with each project being designed around the unique needs of program, client, site, and budget.

Both Kelli and Seth are Certified Green Building Professionals through the non-profit organization "Build It Green," and aim for environmentally sensitive choices at each stage of the process. Prior to co-founding the studio, Kelli worked as a designer at various architecture firms in San Francisco, San Diego, and Virginia. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and studied at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium in Alexandria, Virginia. She has a strong background in art, design, and music which informs her sense of composition and spatial problem solving. She expresses her design intentions through sketches and various digital media, exploring a variety of materials, textures, colors, patterns, and systems.

Seth earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and studied architecture at the Ecole d'Architecture-Val de Seine in Paris, France. Seth developed a love for fabrication processes and tectonic connections early on in life, which he carries into the development of each project's detailing. He is a dedicated presence throughout construction, working collaboratively with builders to create spaces that are beautiful in their finer details. Prior to co-founding the studio, Seth worked in various architecture firms in San Francisco and San Luis Obispo.

Min | Day

E.B.Min and Jeffrey L Day

E.B. Min is the San Francisco based principal of Min | Day. An honors graduate of Brown University with dual concentrations in Art History and Studio Art, she began her architectural studies as a cross-registered student at Rhode Island School of Design. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley in 1993. E.B.’s experience in the landscape architecture office of Delaney and Cochran nurtured her interest in the integration of landscapes and buildings. E.B. has taught at U.C. Berkeley and is an Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Architecture Program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and serves on the Board of Directors of the AIA San Francisco.

The practice draws on E.B. Min and Jeffrey Day’s backgrounds in art, landscape, and architecture to provide informed, flexible design for a wide range of clients, sites, and projects – from individuals to art institutions, urban to rural settings, and furniture to large buildings. We explore opportunities for innovation in program, materials, and fabrication, as well as in methods of practice, through a diverse set of project types and scales of intervention, coaxing nuance and specificity from the unique opportunities of the site and project at hand.

Helen Wong, Director of Communications  AIA SAN FRANCISCO
and Cass Calder Smith reflect on the Festival highlights on Slow Living Radio.

Monday, August 22, 2011

8/23 - SLOW FOOD HEROES: Kevin Morrisey, Ehlers Estate Wines, Michael Fradelizio, Silverado Brewing Company

Kevin Morrisey, Winemaker & General Manager, Ehlers Estate

If Ehlers Estate were to fashion a Winemaker & General Manager out of the soils on the property to reflect the character of the winery, chances are that person would strictly resemble Kevin Morrisey – a man who has truly been born for this job. Ehlers Estate is owned by France’s Leducq Foundation and Kevin is a true international spirit whose dual French/American citizenship enabled him to intern in Pomerol for legendary Jean-Claude Berrouet at Château Pétrus. Ehlers Estate produces some of Napa Valley’s most esteemed wines and Morrisey’s winemaking style and pedigree, particularly with Bordeaux-varietal wines, is renowned following many years as winemaker for Stags’ Leap Winery. And Ehlers is one of a handful of wineries in Napa Valley committed to certified organic and biodynamic farming, matching both a spiritual and ethical ideal to which Kevin has long striven to achieve in his work.

Kevin’s approach to winemaking is an extension of his connection to the land and his passion for winegrowing. He believes in creating site-specific, terroir-driven wines—which is at the core of our winemaking philosophy here at Ehlers Estate,‖ Martin Landaluce, Trustee of the Leducq Foundation enthuses. Morrisey’s soul is invested in the high level of intimate winemaking that Ehlers has represented for over a century of fine caliber wine production. “This is a classic, proven, Cabernet Sauvignon terroir that is being meticulously farmed and is producing world-class wines. We’ve got a century-old winery with a rich history and tradition, and there is a passion, a quality of vineyard land and an Estate approach here that is deeply inspiring,” says Morrisey.

With a Master of Science degree in Enology from UC Davis, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ehlers. Kevin joined Stags’ Leap Winery in 1998 where, mentoring under Robert Brittan for five years, he quickly rose through the ranks to become Associate Winemaker. In 2003 he was scouted by Tony Soter to serve as his Winemaker and Director of Operations at Etude Wines. Then in 2005, when Brittan departed from Stags’ Leap, Kevin was asked back to take over as Winemaker and General Manager where he played an instrumental role in further building the reputation of that historic property. It was at Stags’ Leap that Kevin polished and perfected his craft, bringing continued focus to the estate’s Bordeaux and Rhone varietals.

As one of the few organic and biodynamic wineries in California, Ehlers’ sensitivity to the earth as a living organism is aligned with Morrisey’s own sense of spiritual philosophy. Morrisey has infused his spirit into the estate’s viticulture program, guiding the vineyard to embrace biodynamic farming practices, and in doing so, achieving an unwavering commitment to the notion of authentic winegrowing.

A renaissance man at heart, Morrisey is inspired by Ehlers’ devotion to ensuring their wines fit harmoniously into the world. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Ehlers Estate wines go back to the Leducq’s not-for-profit foundation dedicated to funding international cardiovascular research. This unique sense of purpose that combines the pursuit of excellence with social responsibility is something at the very core of Morrisey’s being.

Kevin cherishes his family life and manages to work a little wine into every table setting. He and his wife Karin have been educating their two daughters in Waldorf schools in the Napa Valley since 2002. They are all French/American dual citizens, international at heart, and see life at Ehlers as harmonious with their reverence for the earth, sustainable living, and winemaking excellence.

Michael Fradelizio, Owner and Chef, Silverado Brewing Company

Silverado Brewing Company opened its doors in July 2000. Located on Highway 29just north of the town of St. Helena in the heart of the Napa Valley, Silverado Brewing Company makes award-winning handcrafted Ales and Lagers for thirsty locals and visitors alike. The full-service restaurant features a menu consisting of a mix of traditional American foods such as steaks, chops, and fresh seafood, along with barbeque - all of which can be enjoyed with Silverado's famous beers. Silverado also has a wine list with many hard-to-find local wines, and a full bar that specializes in hand-shaken margaritas, cosmos, and martinis. For a quick bite or a banquet for 50, you'll receive great beer and wine and unusually sustainable food

The People
Owners Michael Fradelizio and Ken Mee worked in wineries before opening the
popular Silverado Brewing Company. Napa Valley wineries have a slogan It takes a lot of great beer to make good wine, referring to the fact that beer is the beverage of choice during the many sometimes-arduous winemaking tasks. With this in mind and recognizing a shortage of good local beer, Michael and Ken created the new business. They chose as their site the historic Freemark Abbey Winery building from 1895. With massive stone walls and hand-strewn wood beams, the beautiful old building houses Silverado's gleaming copper kettle brewing system behind large glass windows for all to see.

We care about what you eat! It's not enough for us that our food tastes great; we also want the ingredients to be as healthy as possible. That's why we seek out fresh, organic ingredients from local farms and ranches. We also do not use nor tolerate any hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup in any our or products. As well, all of our meats are produced naturally, without hormones, antibiotics, steroids. Come see for yourself how great food made with care can be!

Silverado Brewing Company owner and chef Michael Fradelizio, left, and part of his crew,
sous chef Leandro Estevez  arranged a variety of salads.

Monday, August 15, 2011

8/16 - The Story Behind CRN Creator, Michael Horn

President, CRN Digital Talk

A little history……..

 “I want to grow up and be a cowboy.”  “I want to grow up and be a fireman.”  “I want to grow up and be a teacher.” Every child has an idea of what they want to do when they’re a grownup. Michael Horn decided early on that being on the radio was his future, and it continues to be his passion and priority. But that’s just part of his story. Horn is an innovator – he’s one of the first to embrace different platforms and technologies that expand and broaden the medium known as broadcasting. This is the first of a multi-parter on the founder and president of CRN Radio.

Guess which one - (seond left perhaps)

“I grew up watching Arthur Godfrey on tv, but I knew he got his start on the radio – that and the 50’s and 60’s hosts at KMPC (Dick Whittinghill, Ira Cook, Johnny Grant, Bill Stewart, Roger Carroll, Gary Owens), KFI (Geoff Edwards, Lohman and Barkley) and the KRLA / KFWB jocks is what first got me interested in radio,” recalled Horn.  He got his start very early on.  “As a kid,I had a little radio transmitter, it was supposed to have only a  10 foot long antenna but I had it hiked up to 150 feet (have the FCC statutes of limitations expired?). I broadcast to all my buddies in the neighborhood from my garage. I had the girl next door do the ‘Mrs. X’ show – my friends had no idea why she knew everything about them! I was supplying her the information and making all my friends wait an hour, listening to my show before I played the ‘Mrs. X’ feature.”

But that was just the beginning……

This veteran broadcaster has been part of major market operations for more than 30 years. He is the founder and President of CRN Digital Talk and has helped to launch the careers of countless media celebrities. In addition to being the President of Cable Radio Network, Mike works with Paul Stern to host the nations' premier daily food, wine and travel show, the "What's Cookin'" show. He also has hosted CRN Digital's popular "PM Show" for years.

Horn’s experience in Los Angeles includes working at KBBQ and Alternative Rock/KROQ as News Director and later as on-air talent with KROQ’s original personalities Charlie Tuna, Sam Riddle, John Darren and Jay Stevens. Later Horn moved to KLAC Radio as Production Director and then to Country KFOX in Long Beach serving as on-air talent on the "Country Mike" show. Horn teamed with Dick Whittington to become part of KFI’s comedy team line-up of Lohman and Barkley, Whittington and Horn, and Hudson and Landry on "Goodtime Radio KFI." He recently appeared with his good friend William Shatner on ABC TV's "Boston Legal".

Michael J. Horn is the founder and President of CRN Digital Talk Networks (Cable Radio Network), the world’s first original cable audio service. CRN’s reach has grown to more than 11 million cable customers across the United States, the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands. CRN quickly became “the voice of cable” and the only exclusive 24-hour radio service for cable television.

Horn, always looking to the future, placed CRN on the Internet ( to reach the World Wide Web’s millions of listeners. Prior to launching CRN in 1983, Horn played a significant role in the evolution of radio in Southern California. He served as “on-air” personality for the legendary KBBQ, California’s first “hot” country station and paved the way for that sector of the industry to its’ subsequent nationwide appeal.

Michael Horn has a distinct style that makes his audience see and understand through his words. He knows how to draw out the information from “on-air” guests, making them look good while informing listeners. In 1978, Horn founded Big Horn Productions, a company that pioneered the infiltration of country music to clubs in Los Angeles and the Marriott Hotel Chain. Big Horn Productions was an innovator in audio music entertainment by providing a comprehensive library of music to the vast circuit of nightclubs. As recognized cable audio expert, Horn was the voice of the Southern California Cable Marketing Council’s “Cable Up” commercials. Horn has appeared on TV’s General Hospital with “Frisco” (John Stamos) and “Blackie” (Jack Wagner) as well as “Luke” and “Laura”. His voice can be heard in numerous motion pictures and on many commercials.

Horn is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television and Film and a minor in Speech. He has held positions with the Southern California Cable Association, Marketing Cable Council and past President of the Chamber of Commerce. Horn is also a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Monday, August 8, 2011

8/09 - Il Fornaio "Festa Regionale" Celebrates Veneto and Sicilia

Each month Il Fornaio invites diners to join a culinary expedition through one of the diverse regions of Italy, celebrating the food found in each unique region. One of their chefs, often a native of the featured region, crafts a menu spotlighting the authentic Italian food and wine that is typically found it that particular part of Italy.  The journey is call “Festa Regionale”.

Currently Veneto is on the menu and we celebrate this region with Veneto native and Vice President and Executive Chef of Il Fornaio, Maurizio Mazzon.  We’ll also get a glimpse into the food of Sicilia the next featured Festa Regionale with native Sicilian Luigi Mavica, Chef Partner at the Palo Alto Il Fornaio.

For the menu and information about the food of Veneto, go to

A Taste of Veneto with Maurizio Mazzon

Vice President and Executive Chef

Maurizio Mazzon, Il Fornaio’s multi-talented Venetian-born executive chef brings his 25 years of culinary experience to every kitchen, every recipe and every menu served at Il Fornaio, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also leads the company’s wine program and, coming from a family of bakers, is always coming up with new bread ideas inspired by the traditions of Italy’s twenty regions.

Born in Marcon, Veneto, Mazzon knew he would be a chef from the age of eight when he would cook shellfish caught with his brother off Punta Sabbaioni near Venice.  In fact, his brother, Chef Partner Mauro Mazzon, is the featured chef for this months Veneto Festa Regionale.
"It's about simplicity and balance," explains Mauro, who has been with Il Fornaio for twenty years. "The best dish is the one made with the freshest seasonal ingredients available." This was the main guiding principle for Mauro when he collaborated with brother Maurizio to create the Veneto menu



Native Sicilian Luigi Mavica was born in the sun-splashed village of Randazzo on the northeastern part of the island almost in the shadow of Mount Etna. He grew up in a family who shared a love and appreciation of fresh food and cooking. His father had a small garden that exploded with radicchio, tomatoes, basil and beans. His mother, Vincenza, was an excellent cook who didn’t use a lot of garlic or strong spices preparing these fresh garden vegetables. “I prefer a light feel to cooking,“ says Luigi, “I’m sure I get this from my mother.”

When Luigi was 10, his family moved to Syracuse, New York. To help with family expenses, Luigi got his first job at age 14 washing dishes in an American-style steak house. Eight months later he was promoted to line cook and began dishing out steaks and fries.

“When I started cooking, I really enjoyed it. I knew right away I wanted to stay in the business and work my way up.” With Luigi’s flair for cooking, it was easy for him to move up and he was recruited from restaurant to restaurant as his obvious talent developed.

Chef Mavica joined Il Fornaio in 1992 as Chef of the Palo Alto restaurant. Since joining Il Fornaio, he has gone on to open the Il Fornaio in Burlingame, been awarded “Il Fornaio Chef-Partner of the Year,” and led Il Fornaio’s first out-of-California restaurant and bakery.

Luigi became Chef-Partner of  Il Fornaio in the historic Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose before returning to where it all began for him at Il Fornaio in Palo Alto. Drawing on his fond memories and visits to Sicily,

Chef Mavica has created a combination of dishes on this regional menu highlighting Sicily’s zesty cuisine as well as some of its more subtle additions to the Italian repertoire.  Buon Appetito!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8/02 - "The Art of Chocolate" with Kollar Chocolates, V Marketplace, Yountville-Napa Valley

Naomi Pasztor and Chris Kollar

What happens when a Swiss girl meets an American guy? They open a chocolate shop together!

From classic European-style chocolates, to new world flavors, Naomi Pasztor and Chris Kollar have brought a taste of something new to Yountville in the heart of Napa Valley, California. Surrounded by wineries and world-renowned restaurants, a visit to Kollar Chocolates perfectly rounds out the Napa gourmet experience.

Artisan Chocolatier Chris Kollar welcomes customers to watch and learn about quality handmade chocolate through a glass show kitchen, where he produces his small batch confections. On the other side of the glass, Naomi Pasztor manages the front of the shop, offering prepackaged and to-order chocolates, Gelato, and Espresso coffee.

ADF4 Design,, and Baseline Developments came together to create this modern and European-influenced chocolate shop, introducing a refreshingly unique design to the Napa Valley; where industrial meets natural, Kollar Chocolates stands out with extraordinary details and an unforgettable “chocolate bar wall”.

Kollar Chocolates is also an exciting venue for private events and is pleased to feature its chocolates as corporate gifts or as hotel amenities.


Chris Kollar is a chef with a particular passion for chocolate. Trained as a savory chef, Chris is a self-taught chocolatier. His inspiration is European classic chocolate making. He has traveled Europe extensively, particularly Switzerland, France, and Italy to study and learn about classic chocolates, bringing this knowledge back to his own practice.

Chris has worked in kitchens across the country and beyond for the past 19 years, starting in his hometown of Atlanta, then working in South Carolina, Denver, Beaver Creek, the Cayman Islands, and Seattle. In 2001 he settled in the Napa Valley and worked at Domaine Chandon, Tra Vigne, Pinot Blanc, and Go Fish. Most recently, Chris was Executive Chef at Peter Michael Winery in Calistoga, where his passion for chocolate flourished.

V Marketplace - Where Art Meets Lifestyle

Jan Lee Fecther
As Managing General Partner of V Marketplace, Jan Lee Fecther has spearheaded a 20-year effort toward the exciting evolution of this historic Napa Valley property.  Located on the 23-acre Vintage Estate, between Vintage Inn and Villagio Inn & Spa, V Marketplace offers almost every Napa Valley experience in a singular location. Jan’s deep understanding of the market and passion for the project has led to development of such stellar signature experiences as The V Wine Cellar Tasting Bar & Lounge, celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Napa Valley, and of course, the newest addition, Kollar Chocolates.
Formerly the Groezinger Winery, and once known as "Vintage 1870," the V Marketplace complex was originally built in the year 1870 by German-born vintner Gottlieb Groezinger. One of the largest facilities of its day, the Groezinger Winery and family home occupied more than half of the 23-acre Groezinger Estate. It included a massive brick winery, a brandy distillery, a steam power plant, creamery, brick stables and barns, and a two-story estate mansion to the north of the property. The property was sold by the Groezinger family in 1889, but remained an operating winery under successive owners until 1955.
Hosting a handful of specialty shops and two small cafes, the buildings were reopened in 1968 as the Vintage 1870 specialty shop complex. Over the past 40 years, and under subsequent ownership, the buildings have undergone continuing restoration to carefully blend the character and charm of yesteryear with the richness of the present day.

Since opening in 1968, V Marketplace has distinguished itself as Napa Valley's landmark icon of shopping, entertainment and special events. The center now welcomes over half a million visitors from around the globe through its doors each year.

Jan, Naomi and Chris outside Kollar Chocolates