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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/02/2015 - Napa Valley Treasures: Napa Soap Comany, and Salute Sante

The Napa Valley is home to many entrepreneurs and artisans. This week Slow Living goes behind the scenes with two companies who have not only used Grapeseed Oil to created a range of fabulous products, but have done so with a great care for the environment.  Sheila and Gib of Napa Soap Company join us to tell of their adventure in grapeseed oil based soaps and Nanette and Valentin Humer, creators of Food and Vine Inc, and Salute Sante Grapeseed Oil, share their passion for their exquisite oils and flour.

Sheila and Gib Rockwood

Napa Soap Company was founded by Napa Valley local Sheila Rockwood. Having grown up in the Napa Valley, Sheila wanted to create a product which utilized ingredients made in the Napa Valley. She also wanted to create a product which could truly work - one which others could enjoy and use. Sheila was also very conscious in creating a small business which she could manage in addition to raising her three sons - all under the age of 5. 

Combining her interest in the environment, aromatherapy and a prolific supply of lavender, Sheila discovered that soap offered a natural outlet for her talents. After researching the therapeutic benefits of a by-product of the local wine industry, cold-pressed grapeseed oil, Sheila decided to use this wonderful ingredient throughout her line. After nearly two years developing the right combination of essential oils and natural ingredients, Sheila started to sell her Napa Soap Company products to select accounts in the Napa Valley.

Napa Soap is hand made in very limited quantities less than 50 bars at a time.

Since they have 3 small children growing up in our community, a portion of their proceeds are donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Helena and Calistoga, a nonprofit organization committed to serving the needs of school aged children in the upper Napa Valley.


Nanette and Valentin Humer

The pioneer in the introduction of grapeseed oil to the American market is indisputably Food & Vine, Inc. purveyors of Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oils. Embracing the toast of the two leading countries in production of wine and grapeseed oil, Salute and Santé! mean "to your health" in both French and Italian.

Combining the very highest quality grapeseed oil with award-winning packaging, Salute Santé! has quickly established itself as the leader in the creation and distribution of this healthiest-of-oils. A healthy alternative to all other oils, Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil proves that food prepared in this pure, delicate oil can both taste good and be good for you.

Valentin Humer, founder and company president, has devoted the past 20 years to the mission of creating the highest quality grapeseed oil. An Austrian born, European-trained chef with extensive experience in the creation and preparation of healthy gourmet food, Valentin came to the United States after more than a decade of working with some of the finest restaurants throughout Europe. While in Manhattan, Valentin was introduced to grapeseed oil. He was amazed with the versatility, high smoke point and its health benefits and dedicated himself full-time to studying the attributes of grapeseed oil.
Valentin, now considered the foremost authority on grapeseed oil, and his wife, Nanette, have been building an industry, introducing grapeseed oil and its unique attributes and health benefits to people all over the world. Nanette's strong background in the retail industry as a visual merchandising director for some of the country's top retailers has played a key role in achieving award winning packaging design.

Valentin's vision to create an industry for grapeseed oil that contributes to people's health and well-being, and to make Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil the healthy choice of every household, has come to fruition. In addition to producing the highest quality natural grapeseed oil, Food & Vine, Inc. has created five award winning flavored oils, each of which is infused with all natural, fresh herbs and spices: Basil, Lemon, Chili, Rosemary and Roasted Garlic.
Finally, Food & Vine, Inc. is the first to introduce 13 exceptional, limited-production Extra Virgin Cold Pressed grapeseed oils made from fresh grape seeds in the Napa Valley. Best as a finishing oil, you can now pare your culinary creation with your wine, taking the marriage of food and wine to a whole new level!

Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil is now highly visible in the better stores in the retail marketplace as well as in the food service industry.  The company also actively pursues commercial manufacturers encouraging them to convert to heart-healthy Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil. Food & Vine, Inc. encourages the development of other brand names in the market by supplying bulk product as well as extensive product knowledge education.  These brands are endowed with a neutral grapeseed oil "quality logo", a symbol of the highest quality grapeseed oil available. Salute Santé! Grapeseed Oil is the perfect oil for the health conscious gourmet.

Salute Santé! your health!


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