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Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/2015 - Liqueur from Chile and the Knowledge of Wine

Slow Living Radio welcomes Chilean guest Benjamin Naylor, who, with his partner Nicolas Albagly has created a liqueur using the native herbs and Maqui berries of their country.  And for some inspiration to build on your wine knowledge, we invite Swiss born, R. Christian Oggenfuss, to share his path to founding the Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Firstly, a welcome to Chile:

Ben and Nicolas

Benjamin Naylor and Nicolas Albagly
MQi Liqueur

MQi liqueur is the product of a careful process in which tradition and innovation are combined. Native, medicinal herbs are distilled in old copper still distillation devices according to traditional Mapuche methods, thus creating a delicate, aromatic base which is then combined with macerated Maqui for a prolongued period to extract its exquisite flavor, aromas and powerful anti-oxidant properties.
About the Maqui Berry

The Maqui is an indigenous berry found in the south of Chile, used throughout the generations as part of the Mapuche’s (local indians’) diet, who collected and either ate it as fruit; or, drank it as wine or semi-fermented grape must. Some recognize the fruit to have the most anti-oxidants on the face of the planet, and recent scientific investigations have demonstrated that, thanks to its beneficial properties, it may even help prevent some illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

The Maqui is collected in the Bío Bío Valley (Chile’s most southern wine growing region) as well as Chile’s Patagonia. The terroir of Talcamávida (or ‘Mountain of Thunder’ as translated from Mapuche) is situated at the old fort site of the Araucan War, on the shores of the great Bío Bío River. MQi is elaborated according to a long, inherited tradition in the art of distillation brought over by the Spanish together with wisdom passed down the Mapuche generations as how best to prepare the fruit and medicinal herbs. Using state-of-the-art technology, the distillation process is carried out in small batches, allowing for a high quality finished product. This way, a unique liqueur, natural and aromatic, free of chemical components; and, with all the anti-oxidant power of the Maqui is produced.

Suggested uses

MQi liqueur can be enjoyed as a cocktail, as an innovative way to make a Cosmopolitan, or as an aperitif combined with Champagne – MQi Royal – even just as a digestive served with just ice. Ideal food pairings include pork sirloin with an exotic plum sauce, ceviche prepared with tropical fruit, fresh cheeses; and, puddings based on intensely flavored fruits such as mango or guava.


R. Christian Oggenfuss, D.W.S., F.W.S., I.W.P.
D.W.S., AIWS, FWS, IWP, WSET-Certified, Chief Educational Officer
Napa Valley Wine Academy

Christian Oggenfuss is a second year Master of Wine student with the prestigious Institute of Masters of Wine in London, a passionate wine industry spokesman, wine educator and founder of the Napa Valley Wine Academy. He holds the DWS (Diploma Wine & Spirits), the highest certification from the London based Wine & Spirit Education Trust and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Wine & Spirits. Christian also holds the French Wine Scholar (FWS) certification with the French Wine Society as well as the Italian Wine Professional (IWP) certification with Italian Wine Central.
He brings 20 years of wine experience to wine education as a marketer and brand builder for wine brands including: Stags’ Leap Winery, Etude, Beringer Vineyards, Benziger Family Winery, PlumpJack Estate Winery, Odette Estate, CADE Estate Winery, St. Clement, and V. Sattui Winery.
Christian has also successfully launched wine related businesses in Switzerland and traveled extensively to all major wine regions in Europe and North America. He is fluent in Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss-German) and English. Additionally, he is a Certified Champagne Wine Location Specialist (Champagne Bureau) and a Certified Port Wine Location Specialist (Port Wine Institute).
Founded in 2011, NVWA is a community of passionate, creative, forward-thinking people who share a dedication to elevating the industry. Situated in the heart of Napa Valley, they have one foot in the classroom and the other in the vineyards.
From their Education Center in Downtown Napa, the academy offers wine certification programs, workshops, intensives, boot camps and more, to students of all walks of life, whether on a specific career path or merely for personal satisfaction.
The world-class instructors are committed to fostering excellence, creativity, culture, and advancement in the wine industry and beyond. When you become a student of the Napa Valley Wine Academy, not only will you explore and expand your knowledge of the diverse world of wine, you’ll also forge critical relationships, deepening the human connection, making accessible what once may have seemed inaccessible.
Courses are offered in several of America’s best-known wine epicenters: Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, California and at the world famous Bern’s Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Napa Valley Education Center is situated in the heart of California’s most famous wine region and also serves as headquarters. The Tampa Florida courses are located in the Epicurean Hotel, part of the world famous Bern’s Steak House, which has earned the Wine Spectator Grand Award since 1981.  Santa Barbara courses are held at Firestone Vineyard, the allowing students to experience wine education at a working winery. And beyond the classroom, students can explore the exciting wine regions of Santa Barbara and Paso Robles on a private itinerary.
Certifications Offered

The Napa Valley Wine Academy is an Approved Program Provider with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London as well as a private school member of the Society of Wine Educators.


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