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Friday, July 20, 2018

16 July, 2018 - The Sciandri Family Story

From time to time, Slow Living radio engages in a special retrospective… a show focusing on the life and times of a particularly remarkable person or family. Past programs have included vintner Mike Grgich, hoteliers Tim and Donna Egan, sports executive and now vintner Carmen Policy, to name a few. Tonight, we are pleased and honored to feature a local wine family Roberta, Ron and Ryan Sciandri of Sciandri Family Vineyards located in the Coombsville wine AVA.  Sadly, their father Ron Sciandri, Sr., co-founder of the winery with Roberta, his wife of 47 years, passed away in 2015 after a valiant battle with cancer. He left behind a great family legacy that we learn about this evening. It’s a story of love, commitment, passion… and above all, family bonds.

The Sciandri Family arrived in Napa in 1992, purchasing 20 acres of unplanted pasture, begging to be planted. So, it was not long before they planted their first Cabernet Sauvignon field and started a new adventure in wine. The Sciandri family farms their vineyard in the Coombsville region of Napa. Coombsville is the 16th, and one of Napa’s newest AVA (American Viticultural Area). A quiet area, in the southeastern corner of the Napa Valley, tucked up against the foothills of the Vaca Mountain Range, just outside of historic town of Napa. Most people who visit Napa never pass through it, or even know it exists. Coombsville wines can be recognized by their typically soft but significant tannins, which provide excellent structure and mouthfeel, along with underlying layers of earth and minerality. Coombsville weather is also unique. They often say it is the first place the fog rolls in from the San Pablo bay and the last place it leaves. This allows a long, slow ripening period as the vines bud early and our grapes are usually among the last to be harvested.

As growers, the Sciandri’s were honored to provide fruit to some of the most prestigious winemakers in the valley. It was after many years of enjoying the fruits of their labor in others’ wines, they made the family decision to start their own production.

In 2006, they launched Sciandri Vineyards. The logo and label were conceived following a visit to the small village where their family resides in Italy. Their ancestors have been making house wine for generations and the Sciandri’s hoped to continue in that tradition. Aiming for a convergence of family and wine our label tells a story of history and generations. The leaf pays tribute to the town, La Quercia, which translates to “the oak” in Italian. Each grape on the logo cluster represents a member of the family, while the dual triangle pattern and blue color scheme was inspired by the town flag of La Quercia. Their hope is that their wines can be used as a vehicle to bring together family and friends.
The first wine was an Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon. They have since grown the portfolio to offer their Coombsville Cuveé, a Rosé, a Sauvignon Blanc, and a special 4 barrel production of a wine called “Nello”. Named in honor of Ron Sr.’s dad, who taught the family about gardening, farming, and the importance of being good stewards of the land. As with all family businesses it is all hands on deck.

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