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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

01/22 - The Post Ranch Inn Story

About Post Ranch Inn

Nestled on the cliffs of Big Sur, Post Ranch Inn is a sanctuary of natural luxury – small, serene, seductive. High atop the California Coast, the inn offers an unforgettable escape for a honeymoon, anniversary, romantic getaway or relaxing vacation. With endless views of the Pacific Ocean in one direction and mountains in the other, the rest of the world seems blissfully far away. Here, romance and connection thrive.

Acclaimed by guests and the media, Post Ranch is renowned worldwide for its natural luxury, fine dining, transformative spa treatments, gracious service and green initiatives.

Organic architecture embraces the dramatic beauty of the Big Sur coastline. Accommodations, distinctive and unique, combine rustic elegance with luxury and comfort.

Sierra Mar restaurant offers acclaimed dining, a vast wine list and a breathtaking setting overlooking the Pacific coast. Guests can relax by the pools and take in the splendid views; rejuvenate with an in-room massage, spa treatment or daily yoga class; or explore what nature has to offer. Picturesque Monterey and Carmel are a short drive away.

Post Ranch Inn is a member of Preferred Boutique hotels.

Our first guest is Mike Freed, Managing Partner of Post Ranch Inn, the visionary behind the potential of this iconic property, renowned worldwide and a haven of peace, luxury and charm.

Chef John Cox

 Chef John Cox is the Executive Chef at Sierra Mar. Chef Cox’s start in July 2012 marked a return to Sierra Mar, where he began his professional career in 2001. He joined us from his position as executive chef at La Bicyclette and Casanova restaurants in nearby Carmel, where he initiated dynamic, daily changing menus focused around locally sourced ingredients. The successful concepts and menus soon earned recognition as some of the finest in Carmel by publications ranging from the San Francisco Chronicle to Food & Wine magazine.

Prior to his time in Carmel, Chef Cox spent time immersing himself in Hawaii’s island cuisine and the bold, spicy flavors of the southwest in New Mexico. He trained at the New England Culinary Institute, where he is still a board member. Be sure to follow Chef Cox’s blog by clicking here.

Dominique DaCruz
Wine Director

Wine enthusiasts can spend hours reading the acclaimed wine list from our vast Grand Award-winning wine cellar, with over 13,000 bottles and 2,600 selections. Diverse offerings feature new- and old-world wines from prestigious estates and desirable small producers with limited availability. The philosophy and expertise of Wine Director Dominique DaCruz is the guiding force behind our acclaimed cellar. He shares sommelier duties with Restaurant Manager Wanda Straw.

For those who share a passion for wine, we offer VIÑA. This special wine retail program enables guests to recreate at home the memorable wine experiences they’ve enjoyed at Sierra Mar. To inquire about VIÑA, please email

After a massage on your deck,how about a balancing Shaman?

The Post Ranch Inn Shaman Sessions

John Rasmussan, Shaman

Post Ranch Inn’s shaman calls on nature and ancient wisdom to help create physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Balances and cleanses imprints that predispose us to negative conditions. Boosts energy, vitality and immunity.

Uncovers the source of past trauma, retrieves lost energy, removes limits and incorporates the energy of your power animal.

Incorporates the energy of who you want to become and reveals the obstacles and opportunities along the path.

Installs energetic bands that filter energies directed towards you so that they nourish your body.

Let go or invite in, purify, transform. Your shaman leads you through the journey, drawing on the fire to heal, renew and energize, and open the possibility of change.

The ancient voice of the drum beats as your shaman guides you to gather energy from the past and future and help you focus on being fully present in the now. The shaman provides simple but potent set of tools to enhance health, happiness, and relationships.

And drift into sunset....

What is a Shaman and Shamanism?

The actual word, Shaman, comes from the medicine people of Siberia and has been widely adopted throughout the western cultures to describe someone who facilitates a coming into power and freedom, which is often referred to as healing, and which fully uncovers our core nature of love, compassion, and joy. Ideally, someone who practices shamanism has been trained in techniques and initiated in a way that allows them to safely and effectively mediate between the physical and non-physical worlds in order to bring about some desired change on all layers of our being: literal/physical, psycho-spiritual/mind, mythic, and essential.

While western medicine diagnoses or maps and intervenes only on the physical or psychological layers, the shaman engages the healing process on all four layers and preferably intervenes at the essential energetic layer and maps the new healed state at the mythic layer. So there are shamans who will stop the bleeding, set bones, prescribe herbs, and help change thoughts and beliefs, but then they will help empower you and help you to create more desirable experiences in the future, no longer repeating the same old patterns and wounds that you or your ancestors have experienced.

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