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Monday, August 15, 2011

8/16 - The Story Behind CRN Creator, Michael Horn

President, CRN Digital Talk

A little history……..

 “I want to grow up and be a cowboy.”  “I want to grow up and be a fireman.”  “I want to grow up and be a teacher.” Every child has an idea of what they want to do when they’re a grownup. Michael Horn decided early on that being on the radio was his future, and it continues to be his passion and priority. But that’s just part of his story. Horn is an innovator – he’s one of the first to embrace different platforms and technologies that expand and broaden the medium known as broadcasting. This is the first of a multi-parter on the founder and president of CRN Radio.

Guess which one - (seond left perhaps)

“I grew up watching Arthur Godfrey on tv, but I knew he got his start on the radio – that and the 50’s and 60’s hosts at KMPC (Dick Whittinghill, Ira Cook, Johnny Grant, Bill Stewart, Roger Carroll, Gary Owens), KFI (Geoff Edwards, Lohman and Barkley) and the KRLA / KFWB jocks is what first got me interested in radio,” recalled Horn.  He got his start very early on.  “As a kid,I had a little radio transmitter, it was supposed to have only a  10 foot long antenna but I had it hiked up to 150 feet (have the FCC statutes of limitations expired?). I broadcast to all my buddies in the neighborhood from my garage. I had the girl next door do the ‘Mrs. X’ show – my friends had no idea why she knew everything about them! I was supplying her the information and making all my friends wait an hour, listening to my show before I played the ‘Mrs. X’ feature.”

But that was just the beginning……

This veteran broadcaster has been part of major market operations for more than 30 years. He is the founder and President of CRN Digital Talk and has helped to launch the careers of countless media celebrities. In addition to being the President of Cable Radio Network, Mike works with Paul Stern to host the nations' premier daily food, wine and travel show, the "What's Cookin'" show. He also has hosted CRN Digital's popular "PM Show" for years.

Horn’s experience in Los Angeles includes working at KBBQ and Alternative Rock/KROQ as News Director and later as on-air talent with KROQ’s original personalities Charlie Tuna, Sam Riddle, John Darren and Jay Stevens. Later Horn moved to KLAC Radio as Production Director and then to Country KFOX in Long Beach serving as on-air talent on the "Country Mike" show. Horn teamed with Dick Whittington to become part of KFI’s comedy team line-up of Lohman and Barkley, Whittington and Horn, and Hudson and Landry on "Goodtime Radio KFI." He recently appeared with his good friend William Shatner on ABC TV's "Boston Legal".

Michael J. Horn is the founder and President of CRN Digital Talk Networks (Cable Radio Network), the world’s first original cable audio service. CRN’s reach has grown to more than 11 million cable customers across the United States, the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands. CRN quickly became “the voice of cable” and the only exclusive 24-hour radio service for cable television.

Horn, always looking to the future, placed CRN on the Internet ( to reach the World Wide Web’s millions of listeners. Prior to launching CRN in 1983, Horn played a significant role in the evolution of radio in Southern California. He served as “on-air” personality for the legendary KBBQ, California’s first “hot” country station and paved the way for that sector of the industry to its’ subsequent nationwide appeal.

Michael Horn has a distinct style that makes his audience see and understand through his words. He knows how to draw out the information from “on-air” guests, making them look good while informing listeners. In 1978, Horn founded Big Horn Productions, a company that pioneered the infiltration of country music to clubs in Los Angeles and the Marriott Hotel Chain. Big Horn Productions was an innovator in audio music entertainment by providing a comprehensive library of music to the vast circuit of nightclubs. As recognized cable audio expert, Horn was the voice of the Southern California Cable Marketing Council’s “Cable Up” commercials. Horn has appeared on TV’s General Hospital with “Frisco” (John Stamos) and “Blackie” (Jack Wagner) as well as “Luke” and “Laura”. His voice can be heard in numerous motion pictures and on many commercials.

Horn is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television and Film and a minor in Speech. He has held positions with the Southern California Cable Association, Marketing Cable Council and past President of the Chamber of Commerce. Horn is also a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

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