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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

20 November, 2017 - The Healthy Aromatic Show - Wine Country Botanicals; Lavender Bee Farm

Slow Living Radio talks all things aromatic and good for our well being, from Wine Country Botanicals to the Lavender Bee Farm. We only wish you could smell this show as well as hear about these wonderful products.

Nicole Simpkins, Proprieter,
Wine Country Botanicals , 


Taking what she had learned during her 20-year career in the wine industry, Nicole Simpkins created Wine Country Botanicals using the highest quality of ingredients to be found in wine country, with a keen respect for Mother Nature, and a dedication to the idea of terroir. After becoming a mom and obsessing over keeping her children healthy, Nicole quickly found that the key to wellness is nature. Combining her passion for essential oils and wine, Wine Country Botanticals was born: a line of wine country inspired bath and beauty products aimed at improving one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. (Something we all need!) 

In choosing the final blend selections Nicole knew, as in selecting wine blends to put in the bottle, there had to be balance, so each blend is designed to have a top, middle and base note.  From there, she decided which essence to highlight-floral notes in the NAPA blend, citrus in the SANTA BARBARA blend, and woody notes in the SONOMA blend.

For those looking for products that support the wildfire relief efforts:

Wine Country Gift Set for Wildfire Relief ($15)—Paying homage to the beauty of Napa and Sonoma Counties, the regions which inspired Nicole to create Wine Country Botanicals (Nicole and her family also live in Sonoma County), this special-edition Wine Country Gift Set includes: SONOMA body wash (2 ounce bottle), SONOMA lotion (2 ounce bottle), NAPA body wash (2 ounce bottle) and NAPA lotion (2 ounce bottle). $5 from each Gift Set sale will go to the North Bay Fire Relief Fund through Redwood Credit Union. The donation will be split between relief efforts in both Sonoma and Napa counties and continue through January 2018.  


These essential oil blends are therapeutic grade and were created with the intention of improving your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The rest of the ingredient story revolves around being as close to nature as possible with the minimum amount of additives and using wine country inspired ingredients like olive oil, grapeseed oil, grapes seed extract and olive leaf extract.

The SONOMA Collection contains and essential oil blend that is a unique combination of aromatic lavender from Sonoma, a luxurious citrus note of bergamot, and earthy base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver.  This is for the woodsy lover.

The NAPA Collection contains an essential oil blend that is a unique combination of aromatic Napa lavender, a luscious floral blend of rose and neroli, and minor base notes of frankincense and sandalwood. This is for the floral lover.

The SANTA BARBARA Collection contains an essential oil blend that is a unique combination of aromatic lavender from Santa Barbara, bright notes of mandarin and sweet orange and hints of herbaceous rosemary and woodsy Cedarwood.  This is for the citrus lover.


Richard Wallenstein
Gourmet Honey and Lavender Products

Amid the rolling hills of Sonoma County, the Wallenstein family honey farm plays host to over 5,000 lavender plants and multiple hives. Their farm is chemical-free, using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, for the health of  bees, plants, and you!

About the Lavender Products
The Wallensteins currently grow three varieties of lavender: English Lavender, Provence Lavender, and Lavender Grosso. Each cultivar offers something special and all of the plants are grown naturally without fertilizers or pesticides so that you can feel confident using the lavender products in your recipes and in your home. Harvesting and drying are performed by hand, and the greatest care is taken to ensure the pure and long-lasting fragrance of all of award-winning lavender products.

About the Raw Honey
Beehives also grace the farm, producing an award-winning gourmet honey that is all natural and raw, with no add fragrances or flavorings. The Lavender Honey recently received the Gold Ribbon at the prestigious 2006 Sonoma County Harvest Fair, and, with a bumper crop of lavender this year, there are high hopes for this season’s honey.  The plants grew beautiful long stems and bright colored blossoms that attracted all of our three million wild naturally raised bees. There are no man-made products used on the bees and hives, an environment on which they thrive. The honey is not heated in the extraction process so the taste is all natural and fresh.

A Special Note About Swarm Removal For Sonoma County Neighbors
What should you do if you notice a swarm of bees in your yard? Do not try to remove or destroy the bees. We need our precious honeybees! If you notice a swarm of bees settling into a nearby tree, then you should contact Lavender Bee Farm about Swarm Removal Service.
Read More about our Swarm Removal Service »

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