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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/17/2016 - A Chat with Sasha Paulsen of the Napa Valley Register

Slow Living Radio is delighted to welcome Features Editor, Sasha Paulsen of the Napa Valley Register who is also an author and ghost writer.  We hear about her travels in Italy, new books and life as an editor in the famous Napa Valley.

Sasha Paulsen
Features Editor

Sasha Paulsen attended Silverado and Napa High School before leaving to pursue her degree in English at UC Berkeley, followed by a masters in journalism from Cal. Her career has taken her to London, Paris, Munich and Boston before returning to her home town Napa to raise her two children, Sam and Ariel (Sam is now a med student at UCLA and Ariel is a Linguist.) Sasha started working at the Napa Valley Register in 1999, being a perfect place for a single mom, and has been features editor ever since, in charge of food, wine, arts, travel, and lifestyle stories.

In her spare time, Sasha, also writes fiction (first novel “Dancing on a Spider’s Web” is set in Berkeley, SF and Napa); and works on occasional non-fiction projects – Mike Grgich’s autobiography “A Glass Full of Miracles” most notably. She has collaborated extensively with Master of Wine Tim Hanni on “The Masters Secrets to Enjoying Wine in China,” and “Why You Like the Wines You Like” and, with the help of her daughter Ariel, is finishing up “The Sweet Wine Lovers’ Manifesto.”

A sneak preview of the book she ghost wrote for Mike Grgich, A Glass Full of Miracles.

Napa Valley icon Miljenko “Mike” Grgich has released his memoir, “A Glass Full of Miracles,” in celebration of his 93rd birthday on April 1st. The book, published by Violetta Press, was written with Napa Valley Register editor Sasha Paulsen and chronicles the long and storied life of a young Croatian boy whose search for freedom and the chance to fulfill his American Dream led him through countless hardships to become one of the most revered and beloved winemaking legends in history.

“My life has been filled with miracles’” Mike Grgich says. “How else do you explain that a little boy from a little village in Croatia now has his wine on display in the Smithsonian Institution, in the same place as Abraham Lincoln’s hat and Neal Armstrong’s space suit?”

George Taber, the Time magazine reporter who broke the story of the Paris Tasting and later was the author of “Judgment of Paris” about the famed tasting, praises “A Glass Full of Miracles:” “Mike Grgich may be small in stature, but he is a giant in the world of wine. His new book dramatically tells his full story, which is a great tale of a dream come true…there are a lot more aspects to Mike’s life than just Cabernet and Chardonnay. It’s a great and fun read.”

“A Glass Full of Miracles” retails for $40, to pre-order visit, and The book will ship in mid-April. For more information about the book, visit

Listen in here to be entertained by Sasha with Tim Hanni on  Slow Living Radio

Sasha with Tim Hanni on Slow Living Radio discussing
"Why you like the Wine you Like"

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