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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

08/17/2015 - Mission Cittaslow and A Life in Voice

Slow Living Radio continues in our pursuit to improve quality of life and celebrate those who make that their mission.  Our two guests this evening are dedicated to that goal, in very different ways.  Paul Payten, one of Australia's founders of Cittaslow Australasia, wants more communities in Australia to provide a healthier living environment for all who live there, and Dan Goodman just wants to make people laugh more.

Paul Payten
Cittaslow is a movement founded in Italy and inspired by the Slow Food organization. Cittaslow's goals include improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace, especially in a city's use of spaces and the flow of life and traffic through them.[1] Cittaslow is part of a cultural trend known as the Slow movement.

There are 50 goals and principles that each Cittaslow town commits to work to achieve. They serve as benchmarks to improve the quality of life in each city.

The main aims of the movement are:
  • improving the quality of life in the cities
  • making life better for everyone living in an urban environment
  • resisting the homogenization and globalization of towns around the globe
  • protecting the environment
  • promoting cultural diversity and uniqueness of individual cities
  • provide inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

On 4 June 2011, Cittaslow Australasia was established in Yea, Victoria. With the successful accreditation of Yea, which joined Goolwa in South Australia and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains NSW, a meeting was held to establish the Australasian Cittaslow Network. It is a requirement for a country or region to have three accredited towns before a national network can be established. Following the experience of the Scandinavian Cittaslow Network, it was agreed to call the organisation Cittaslow Australasia to ease the entry of single towns from New Zealand into this family of towns that strive to improve the quality of life for all who live, work or visit their precinct.

 Dan Goodman

Local author Dan Goodman tours America with his one man show. This fun filled farce explores the Vaudevillian romps of the past, combined with the angst of the modern man. He is known for his books such as "I'll Take the Spiked Mustard" and "Meditations for a Miserable Christmas."
From buffoon, to actor, to hambone Hamlet, to logistician, to gold medalist freestyle swimmer, real estate broker, raconteur, insurance agent, tournament caliber table tennis player, character model, award winning principal performer in TV and radio commercials, production control, the culinary arena, the sewn products industry, polyethylene products, assignment in the Arctic, desert duty, to horseplayer, Daniel S. Goodman has traveled in a curious sphere of diversity.

Daniel S Goodman is known for his off the cuff,tongue in cheek, dark comedy writing. His books have been filled with meditations comparable to the Stuart Smalley meditations book - I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggonnit, People Like Me - these humorous reflections are sure to put a smile on even the most miserable person's face.


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