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Monday, June 27, 2011

6/28 - A Sampling of Scottish Wares and Whiskies in San Francisco

Wm. Glen & Son –
bringing you the best of Scotland, right here in the United States.
Paul Mc Ginlay

Wm. Glen & Son was established in 1869 as a quality Ladies and Gents Clothier in Callander, Scotland and grew into one of Scotland's leading Highland Outfitters. Our store in San Francisco specializes in Kilt Outfitting, and includes a large variety of imports from Scotland, such as Woolen and Cashmere Sweaters, Tweed Sports Coats, Jewelry, Pewterware, Tartan and Clan Goods. We also carry many Souvenirs from Scotland, as well as perhaps the largest Single Malt Whisky Collection in the United

Wm Glen & Son - Imports From Scotland
360 Sutter Street
San Francisco
CA, 94108
Tel: 415 989-5458

John Campbell
Master Distiller
Laphroaig Scottish Whisky

It is said of us islanders, that we take our time to make friends, but when we do it’s for life…..
Well, if you love Laphroaig you’ll understand.

"There are 3 main ingredients for making Laphroaig - Barley, Water, and Yeast, but the secret ingredient is the People."
Laphroaig (La-froyg) is the story of a community. An uncompromising, tough and determined group of people who work to ensure that this defining whisky has always remained true to its origins.
These origins can be found in Islay itself - its harsh climate and tough landscape have created a hardy people whose single-mindedness and honesty is as distinctive as Laphroaig.

It's clear that the Irish had been distilling here for many years and that the locals picked up the skills when they left, but because it was illegal the small stills on the farms were rarely discussed - just a nod and a wink in the right direction!
What we do know though, is that the Johnstons started farming here around 1800, and that soon after messers Charles and Willie Doig were asked to do some 'work on a distillery' at Laphroaig. By 1815 Laphroaig's reputation had spread and the tax man was getting suspicious so they 'officially' established 'Johnston & Johnston' - the legend of Laphroaig had begun.
They say history is all in the telling and who better to tell it than one of our former distillery managers? Our Islay Epiphany is taken from the notes of a visitor who took the time to chat with the now retired Iain Henderson in 1999. You can also read the complete history of all the major events of our last 200 years in the Chronology Of Laphroaig.
Before you start though, we recommend you pour yourself a good measure of our 10 year old and get a real feel for the unique history of Laphroaig.


Take it neat or with a splash of soft water. Roll it around on your tongue. Release the pungent, earthy aroma of the blue peat smoke, the sweet nuttiness of the barley and the delicate, heathery perfume of Islay's streams. Like the islanders it may seem a little aloof at first, but make the effort, broach acquaintance and we can guarantee you'll have a warm and genuine friend for life.
The award winning family of Laphroaig Whiskies ranges from the rich, pungent 10 Year Old to the smooth and exceptionally rare 40 Year Old. But whatever Laphroaig you choose, you can sense 200 years of loving care distilled into every bottle.
We have always considered Laphroaig the best single malt in the World. In 2005 we were proud to be voted 'the best of the best' in the Champions of Whisky Competition - so now it's official!

John Campbell leading the visual distillery tour.

Every year thousands of Laphroaig devotees come to visit us, drink in the atmosphere, learn a few of our secrets and share a dram or two with us afterwards.
However whilst our isolation in Islay has enabled us to maintain the ancient traditions of Whisky making, we also recognise that for many of you the journey may be impossible - at least for now.
To overcome this and to encourage you to make the journey, we have created 'the virtual distillery tour'. To do this we have filmed every aspect of the making of Laphroaig, including areas that the 'standard' tour never goes to (for instance our peat beds). Click through the sections on the left for videos, images and further details. To skip straight to our exclusive videos, choose 'Video Tour'. We hope through this tour you will be able to begin to appreciate how timeless and unique Laphroaig is in our modern world.

Your tour will last approximately 200 years! Well, at least that’s the length of time this ancient distillery has been used for distilling legally and illegally!
It starts here with a view over the Laphroaig Bay from where comes the Atlantic weather that has such a profound effect on our whisky.
As this is a virtual tour I don't have to bore you with the fire regulations! Let's start off in The Courtyard.

Slàinthe (which means good health)

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