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Monday, February 7, 2011

2/8 - FROM WINE STAINING TO DOG TRAINING: Ryan Hill, Hill Family Estate Winery & Kevin Salem, Dog Psychologist & Expert Trainer

Ryan Hill of Hill Family Estate
Slow Living Radio explored diverse passions. First, we met Ryan Hill, proprietor of  Hill Family Estate winery in Yountville. Not only does the Hill Family present wines of exceptional quality, but their award-winning wines are changing the complexion of Fender guitars, Ezera surfboards and the bats of major league baseball with the help of their handcrafted Hill Harvest Red!  Next we learned the insider secrets for training man's best friend... the ever loving pooch... as we welcomed nationally-renowned canine psychologist and expert trainer Kevin Salem.
Kevin Salem, "Teddy", and Ryan Hill

The 'Hill Harvest Red' brings a signature tint to the major league 

After more than 25 years of growing grapes for some of Napa Valley’s finest wineries, the Hill Family decided to produce their own wines.  In 2001, Hill Family Estate released their first vintage of the “Beau Terre” vineyard designated Merlot and a proprietary blend called “Origin.” By definition, Origin is the foundation, the beginning of something. The Hills’ passion for wine and love for the Napa Valley all begins with their family. The Hill Family’s constant pursuit of excellence in vineyard management and winemaking allows them to produce wines which beautifully express the individuality and depth of character in each varietal. From the romance of the label to the time and dedication put into each bottle, the Hill Family invites you to share their wine.

Dog Psychologist &
Expert Trainer Kevin Salem
Kevin Salem is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the world of dog training. It’s hard to paint his image with the same brush as other dog experts in the business, as his unique way of writing and training philosophy makes him very distinct. Ever since he was young, Kevin has been able to relate and communicate with dogs in a very special way. You know when you meet a natural. We’ve all seen one. These individuals are rarely taught, but rather born. In over two decades of working with different breeds, he has successfully trained thousands of dogs worldwide, earning him the nickname,“The Dog Prodigy.” Regardless of your dog’s age, temperament, or previous history, you’ll find that his “Diverse Method” has proven to work against tough odds making him a true pioneer in his field.

Kevin Salem & Ryan Hill share their passions with
the Slow Living team
He is known for accepting challenging cases that the majority of dog schools don’t accept or don’t know how to deal with. We are referring to “red zone dogs,” and those already given up on by many trainers, veterinarians and even animal behaviorists. He is proud of saving hundreds of these dogs from abandonment, shelters, or worse, euthanasia. Kevin gained his experience from studying and applying many ways of training. To expand his knowledge even further, he compared the strengths and weaknesses of different trainers while studying various methods from many books, video clips, instructional videos, and different seminars and workshops on dog training, dog behavior, and canine psychology. Mr. Salem is the president and founder of IDTF (International Diverse Trainers Federation). 

This organization unites trainers from all over the world who believe and follow the “Diverse Method.” If you are a trainer with an open mind who combines different methods in a humane yet effective way to get better, faster and long-term results, you are exactly who he is looking for. Make a difference today by joining this organization free of cost. Visit (Coming Soon)

If you are passionate about working with dogs, Kevin also teaches field workshops on how to become an effective trainer. He is a prominent speaker, whose seminars are guaranteed to take your knowledge and abilities to an entirely new level. Kevin has an uncanny ability to communicate with people and their pets. His training sessions and seminars are always fun and productive. He always says, “I’m not the trainer. You are. I am simply the instructor who will help and teach you every step of the way so you become an effective trainer/owner. Once I am out of the picture, your dog should respect and listen to YOU.” 

Kevin currently operates Dog Secrets in northern California where he offers house calls not only throughout the US, but all around the world. You may also send your dog to his most popular program, the Doggie Boot Camp in Sacramento CA.  ###

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